Thursday, 17 March 2011

Blessed Saint Patrick's Day!

Wishing all Irish, those of Irish descent and those of Irish spirit a very blessed day today!
My celebrations are a bit low key this year, having taken a sabbatical from teaching at the high school, where I went all out in terms of Irish fun in past years.  Contrary to habit I didn't mention Saint Patrick and Ireland at yesterday's classes at the University, we did "book work", something we were a bit behind on.  There are so many dramatic events happening nowadays, that having a look at them during class can "slow down" the the pace of progress according to the syllabus and lesson plans.  We've been looking at the Middle East (using in part a Sean Bannville lesson, many thanks!!!) and took some time for Wales and Saint David.  I think next week I'll digress again and have a look at events in Japan, especially since some of my students are Japanese majors and minors and also mention Ireland and Saint Patrick.  As those who know me, and my students past and present will attest I believe strongly in using EFL/ELT lessons as opportunities to integrate cultural and social studies into language teaching.  A practice I find  possibly more important at a university, though maybe just as important at secondary school
Anyway, just some musings on St. Paddy's day.

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