Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Jamaica Day

Jamaica Day
2011 Saturday, February 26th
Károli Gáspar University, Faculty of Arts,
Reviczky utca 4.  room 104
 An academic development day organized by the:
 Károli Gáspar Reformed Church University’s Foreign Languages Centre together with the
Károli Gáspar Reformed Church University’s Faculty of English Linguistics
 in cooperation with
IATEFL – Hungary
 and under the patronage of
Dr. András Batizi, Honourary Consul for Jamaica


10:00   Opening words,  Coordinator Andrew Mile, KGRE Foreign Languages Centre
10:10  Introducing Jamaica, Dr András Batizi, Honourary Consul for Jamaica
10:30  “The Home of Natty Music”, the History of Jamaican Music, 
Gabor Demeter, MA student at KGRE
11:15  Jamaican English, Dr. Dóra Pődör, KGRE Faculty Head, English Linguistics

12:00 Coffee Break with Jamaican treats, Sponsored by MM Publications, ELT Hungary

12:30 Colourful Jamaica, Religious life in Jamaica, Viktor Batizi
13:00 “Stir it up”, Reggae in the classroom, Andrew Mile, KGRE Foreign Lang. Centre
            Jamaica Quiz, prizes sponsored by Cambridge University Press, Hungary

Materials sponsored by Oxford University Press, Hungary

          For more information please contact Andrew Mile andrew.mile.elt@gmail.com

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  1. Nuff Respect! (Means much respect in patwa.)