Sunday, 28 February 2010

Vancouver 2010

It has filled me with great pride to see Canada hosting the world, the best of the best in Vancouver this year for the Winter Olympics.  To my greatest dismay the vast span of time zones has made watching events live almost impossible, though I may stay up for tonight's hockey gold medal match between Canada and the US.  And, well watching events after the fact... well it just is not the same... a definite lack of tension.  I hoped in vain that Hungary may somewhere somehow win a medal, well we'll have to wait until London.  The daily host videos available on youtube have been a terrific way to follow the sporting and cultural events during the games.  I've shown my spirit by wearing an Olympic cardigan from The Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) sent by my Mum and the official Olympic red mittens sent by an Aunt, though the warming weather here in Budapest has made the mittens a bit impractical (they are very warm). My students too have had to 'bear' seeing the opening ceremonies and learning about the various winter sports.
So Congratulations to Vancouver and British Columbia and GO CANADA!!!

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