Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Catching up

My goodness I have fallen behind on my personal publishing... again.  What am I up to now?  The Theolingua language exam is coming up in March and I've been entrusted with the proofreading and what's more the pre-testing of the English language exam at all the levels B1, B2 and C1.  This is consuming more time than I expected, the students have been great and found the opportunity to write and reflect on a "real" language exam useful.
In the past weeks second semester has started up at the University and I'm very happy that the terrific C1 level group that I had in the first semester has reformed - with additions, I look forward to having more fun with them, and I think I'll allow myself some greater freedom with the syllabus and introduce some fields of personal interest in terms of introducing more cultural topics.
With my high school students we continue to "plug away" I am still very satisfied with the creativity and positive attitude of my grade nines and the improving relationship to learning with my grade elevens.  The grade tens are proving to be a struggle and are very erratic; it has saddened me to see what I feel has been a dampening of their spirit this past school year.  My next post will link to a TED talk given by Sir Ken Robinson asking the question Do Schools Kill Creativity?, this short talk has provided a lot of food for thought and having seen it many months ago I still ponder the validity of what he spoke about and its ramifications.
On a less significant and as a preview to a culinary post coming up I have been introduced to the pleasure of a late afternoon coffee (real coffee) due to my mother sending some Starbucks House Blend decaf.  I love coffee but if I have one after about three in the afternoon it robs a bit of the nice deep sleep that I love.
Anyway I'll try to "keep you posted" and return to being a better blogger.

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