Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Coming Up... Almost Naked...

I'll jump ahead for a post. Something to lok out for this school year will be my cooking shows. Yes, I propsed the idea to a few ELT conferences and they loved the idea. What will I Andrew Mile the "Almost Naked Chef" be doing? Showing teachers what dishes they can prepare in a classroom and what traditional holiday foods can be prepared at home by students.
Food has a long been a part of my teaching. I've brought some of the beloved dishes of English speaking nations into the English classroom (and once into the staff room). We started this year by making trifle, needless to say the studetns loved it as did the principal who acted as our judge for the "bake off". I'll be showing teachers how they can give their teaching a gastronomic dimension. It should be a lot of fun and hopefully inspire teachers to teach about food (something we regularily do) with the object of the discussion before them and "accessible". Imagine English lessons finger lickin' good!

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