Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Wrap Up

Well the academic year is wrapping up. Formal classes have finished and there are only exams left for some. We teachers still have the administration and meetings to go through but soon the day will come when we will awake in the morning with the knowledge that there's no work for that day and that summer vacation has begun. I await that moment.

A fun and educational thing that came at the year at our school year was a field trip by the grade ten English specialization to the Canadian Embassy, thank you to Dr Katalin Csoma and Richard Martin-Nielson for receiving us and for their presentation on Canada and diplomatic work.

Last Thursday I set up a mini-kitchen in the staff room and cooked pancakes for the staff. It was a pre-Canada day event as the school will be empty on July the first. The staff seemed to find the pancakes, maple syrup and Canadian Club whiskey all very tasty.

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