Sunday, 31 May 2009

Merry Mary Month of May

May has been a busy month and I'm behind on my blog entries, so with one post I'll try to get caught up and hopefully remember all that has happened.
Our school was happy to host Ingo Weighardt and his students from the St Stephen's School in Augsburg. It was great to enjoy a few "coffees" with Ingo and I had the opportunity to be with his students and talk to them about the USA and the Vietnam conflict.
Later we had Hungarian folk dance lessons together (Thank you Misi Timar) and I took them on a tour of the Terror House.
There's been cooking and baking as well, I had some boys over from my 10. B class to bake pizza and apple pie.
The workshop on public speaking is still underway with two more sessions to go.
The school year is ending with a highlight on Canada for the students of the English specialization, with a bit og geography, history, Native culture and pancakes and maple syrup... This Friday past we turned English classroom 308 into a kitchen and made stacks of pancakes for ourselves and for the staff of the school.

I'm sure I've forgotten several things... it has been an eventful month, I'll just have to post them as they occur to me.

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