Monday, 22 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my students. I'd like to say a special thanks to the students of 10. b for the mini Chritsmas party and to all my groups for their lovely gifts. A special thanks to Dóra Keszthelyi for her fabulous gift - a box she hand painted with the flags of English speaking nations. Also noteworthy was the gingerbread baking contest with the English specialization, the winner was Laura Nagy - making both tasty and beautifully iced gingerbread. A Happy Christmas to all of them!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

St Nicholas and Pancakes

This Friday past we celebrated St. Nicholas' day at St. Angela's, where the custom is for the grade 10's to help St. Nick as he visits the students. For this reason my 10 B English group shrunk in size to 4 students. We got permission to use the school's industrial arts room kitchen where we used the time to make pancakes. The boys were quite expert and I had to do little, simply tell them the procedure and proportions and help a little with the skittle. The pancakes were delicious!

More London Pics!!!

Find more pictures of the London excursion at the following link:

St Andrew at St Angela's

On November 28th St Angela's School celebrated its first St Andrew's Day. Among the festivities, I organised Scottish shortbread baking contests in several of my English classes, the students were given a basic recipe by me and then went home to bake, the prizes were T-shirts. We also had a visit from Hungary's first Hungarian Scottish bagpiper, Gyorgy Keri. He played during a couple of the between class breaks and gave a presentation to several classes, his presentation and music were a hit! The surrounding pictues are some of the bake-offs, the piper and some of the students in the English Specialisation. God Bless Scotland and St. Angela's! After school the English Department hosted a small celebration for the teachers, featuring the shortbread and other Scottish delicacies!