Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Belated Thanks

I`d like to say a belated thank you to Adam Vessey, a student of mine at St. Angela`s who invited me to go play paintball with other grade 10`s on October 31st as a birthday present to me. Thank you I had a terrific time!


Thank you to Erszi Csontos for inviting me to Ujpest district`s professional development day. All the best to the 40 teachers present.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Coming Up...

Coming up this month... I'll be giving a workshop on Canada at the Ujpest Pedagogical Institute's professional development day for English teachers on the 17th and a talk on the USA at the Catholic Pedagogical Institute on the 20th.

The Year of the Bible.

This Thursday past was the professional development day for secondary school teachers at the Catholic Pedagogical Institute (KPSZTI) It was an enriching day with a presentation on using IT in the classroom, followed by a workshop on drama. I gave the last workshop on using the Bible in the English classroom. Holy Scripture is both an ends and a means.
God Bless all the participants and Kati the organizer. It was a great day!


IT WAS TERRIFIC!!! All the teachers and all the students had an amazing time. Have a look at the full report (still unfinished) on :